Yacht Chartering: Experiencing the luxurious way of life

Yacht Chartering: Experiencing the luxurious way of life
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The life of the rich and famous is something we all dream of having. From the glamorous parties and lavish houses to the restaurants they eat at and the places they vacation, there’s something about their lives that has the rest of us intrigued. 

Superyachts are one of those things the rich and famous usually flaunt, with the likes of Jay Z and Beyonce being snapped recently cruising on their 450 foot long, $2 million a week superyacht charter. However, with BorrowaBoat, you don’t need to be rich and famous and you don’t need to own an expensive boat you can just borrow it instead.

Below, we’ll look at the yacht hiring experience and give you everything you need to know on a charter vacation. 

Choosing the yacht 

While hiring a yacht isn’t just for the rich and famous, you do need to be realistic when it comes to budget. It’s best to set a budget that you can afford before looking into which yachts you would like to charter as you could be swayed to go over budget once you start looking at them.

Besides the budget, other factors that should influence which yacht you choose include the countries you’ll be visiting and the climate there, your sailing ability if sailing it yourself and the level of comfort you would like. 

If you’re a first-timer then a catamaran is usually a good option as its two motors make it much easier to maneuver. A catamaran is also ideal for mooring just offshore with its shallow draught so you can enjoy the sandy beaches or lie back on the large deck space available. 

For more experienced sailors, a multi-hull boat is probably a preferable option, however, it’s worth bearing in mind that it will cost more to keep in a port.

Yacht Chartering: Experiencing the luxurious way of life
Image: Unsplash

Need for speed

When choosing your boat, you should also keep the purpose of your trip in mind. For those that enjoy sailing and being out at sea, a larger and slower boat will be best suited. Bear in mind that while these kinds of boats will have a large amount of living space, they can be tricky to maneuver into busy ports. 

Generally, guests with young families will opt for a larger and slower boat as they provide more comfortable living space with plenty of home comforts. 

However, if you’re planning on stopping at multiple destinations then you should opt for a slightly smaller and more agile boat that can get you to destinations much quicker. It’s worth noting that the faster the boat, the more fuel you will use so this should be factored into your budget. 

Bareboat or Skipper

A bareboat is a boat that doesn’t have any staff. If you’re an experienced sailor who enjoys sailing then a bareboat is usually the best option, however, if you’re less experienced or would like to sit back and relax more, then a skipper may be preferable. 

It’s also possible to arrange staff for your charter. As well as the skipper, a yacht crew is there to keep you safe and ensure you have a good time. Some of the types of staff people usually hire include a watersports instructor, a chef, waiting staff, and even a masseuse. 

Yacht Chartering: Experiencing the luxurious way of life
Image: Unsplash

When to book your charter

If you’re wanting to go on a charter in the peak months; which are usually June, July, August and Christmas, and New Year, then it’s best to book at least 10 months in advance as these months can get very busy. If you have a specific date in mind, it’s worth even booking ahead of a year in advance.

Out of peak season, you will most likely be able to find your ideal charter with just 3 months’ notice. Some popular events to keep in mind that may affect yacht availability include the Cannes Film Festival and the Monaco Grand Prix. 

Yacht Chartering: Experiencing the luxurious way of life
Image: Borrowaboat

How much experience do you need to go on a yacht charter? 

In most places in Europe, it’s mandatory for at least one person on the boat to have a skipper license. In Greece, it is a requirement for a second person to have a skipper license too. This means you may need to consider that it will be mandatory to have staff on your boat if you have no sailing experience. 

When chartering around the Mediterranean with a warm climate and calm seas, you will need less experience of sailing than when in a cooler climate with rougher seas. Its best not to get caught out in a storm. 

Travel information

It’s important to bear in mind that even though you’re on a boat, there are still visa requirements for each destination you visit. You should check with your own government’s travel advice before heading off on your charter to ensure everything is smooth sailing once you begin your yacht vacation.

Overall, a yacht vacation is much more accessible than people assume. Ready to try out the lifestyle of the rich and famous, minus the price tag? Get searching today!

Head over to BorrowaBoat to check out what’s available. 

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