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PHOENIX, ARIZONA: Carnitas are one of the ultimate of all Mexican foods, a dish originating in the state of Michoacan, or pork braised in its own fat to create the ultimate flavor. Hanging out with @Mexi papa Adventures and Jeffrey, in Phoenix, we headed to Mexican Corral for the best and unique version of carnitas in Arizona.

Huge thank you to Mexican Corral ( for taking such good care of us and for their amazing food.

Friends in the video:
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? Jeffrey Merrihue: – Stop by at Heroic Italian ( in Santa Monica and say Hi to Jeffrey who is there most days!

So we arrived and I was excited to eat carnitas. As the owner Jesus and his wife explained to us, while normal Michoacan style carnitas are boiled in its own melted fat, their carnitas are a little different. They have developed a recipe of boiling the meat in oil, mainly avocado oil, to create a perfect texture to the meat, leaving it rich and flavorful without being too oily. What a move and it works so well. We got a combination of meat, stomach and skin, and as Mexi Papa demonstrated, the combination of all three is award winning – the way the meat works with the skin and the addition of salsa to create the perfect balance.

Mexican Corral also surprised us with a few more amazing dishes like nopal cactus and spicy Mexican sausages hot dogs, and the cactus chalupa. By my favorite thing, besides the carnitas was the michelada, a mix of tomato juice, shrimp juice, salted plums, and shrimp hanging off the side. It was spectacular and went so well with the carnitas!

And that completes an award winning meal at Mexican Corral in Phoenix, Arizona. Amazing people, amazing food. Highly recommended, don’t miss their carnitas!

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