Flying from Bangkok to Langkawi, Malaysia (Day 1)

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I was invited by Naturally Langkawi (Tourism Malaysia) to visit the island of Langkawi to explore and to eat. My wife and I are based in Bangkok, so we woke up early to catch our flight from Bangkok to Langkawi, and we arrived just in time for lunch.

After grabbing our bag from Langkawi airport we jumped in the car and took a drive to Seashells Restaurant, located in laman padi, a rice field. The setting of the restaurant was really nice, with wooden cabanas built over the top of a rice field. We ordered a few different nasi campur dishes, including daging kurma, a beef and coconut milk curry and ayam masak merah, a red chicken curry as well, and we also got some other chicken curry, omelet, and finally both fried fish and Malaysian grilled fish known as ikan bakar. I thought the food was over quite good, and the setting inside the rice field was also very nice.

Lunch accomplished we headed to The Andaman hotel, located on the very northwestern side of Langkawi island. But on the way driving there, we stopped at a local food stall where we enjoyed a few local deep fried snacks and fritters and a donut. I’ll admit, even though I’m not a big sweets fan, that everything was quite tasty – I especially liked the little deep fried banana bread balls.

The Andaman is a very nice hotel, with a private stretch of beach, and so the first thing, after walking around the hotel was to take a swim. After the swim, we ate dinner at Jala Restaurant, a restaurant that’s located at The Andaman hotel.

It was a great day traveling from Bangkok to Langkawi, and thank you to Naturally Langkawi for organizing this trip.

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