Village Food in East Africa – FREE-RANGE KFC (Kenya FRIED CHICKEN) Kenyan Food in Machakos!

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I met up with my friend Bramuel who took us to his farm and house (in the process of being built) in Machakos, Kenya. It was about a 2 hour drive to get there, but along the way we first stopped in Machakos town to eat, and then continued on to the farm. At the farm, we were treated to a fresh chicken and rabbit from the farm, and they cooked both dry and wet fry – classic Kenyan meat preparation. Also, the sukuma wiki was excellent.

Machakos, Kenya – TTOT Hotel – So first, along the way in this village food tour of Kenya, we stopped in Machakos. The mix of green maize and peas and delicious, along with beef stew. The beef stew was especially good with a sprinkle of lemon juice and pili pili (chili).
Total price – 3,000 KES ($29.61) for all

We arrived to Bramuel’s house in the countryside, way off the beaten path. And they immediately got started on our meal. They butched the chicken and rabbit, and we saw the entire process from start to finish of the meal. Along with dry fried chicken and rabbit wet fry, we also had a big pot of sukuma wiki, one of the best and most commonly eaten vegetables in Kenyan food, and ugali (ugali is made from maize meal, and is one of the most commonly eaten starches in Kenya). Everything was delicious, and I especially enjoyed the kachumbari, which was like Kenyan guacamole, to eat with all the meat.

Thank you to everyone who cooked and helped in this video, and thank you to Braumuel for inviting us over to his home.

Thank you for watching!


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