Anthony Melchiorri inspects the Lancer Motel in Myrtle Beach | Hotel Impossible | Travel Channel

Anthony Melchiorri is at the Lancer Motel in Myrtle Beach, S.C., a premier vacation destination. Chad Patel has owned the motel for over 36 years, but hasn’t turned a profit since 2006. His son Sachin works as the GM, but hasn’t proven to be effective in the role. The rooms have filthy carpets, and mold and water damage give the entire place a foul odor. The neglected pool is surrounded by broken furniture, and rusty nails protrude from every staircase and walkway. The lobby is a hoarder’s paradise, with paperwork and junk piling up everywhere. Patel is in over his head, and his son isn’t stepping up like he should. To top it off, there is bedbug activity in nearly half of the rooms. Despite this knowledge, Sachin decides to set up a temporary lobby in an infested room, compromising the safety of the staff. Overworked employees live in the motel. Spending all of their time together on the premises causes tempers to flare easily, and Melchiorri witness an argument between employees that stuns him. With big-brand hotels populating the Myrtle Beach coastline, roadside properties like the Lancer Motel must win guests over with their cleanliness, marketing and service – and the Lancer has none of this. Without strong leadership, the Patels will go another year without turning a profit. Will either of these stubborn men heed Melchiorri’s advice that they’d be better off selling the property? Or can Sachin prove Melchiorri wrong, despite all the red flags? New episode premieres Tuesday, November 10 at 10:00pm ET/PT.
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As host of Travel Channel’s popular series Hotel Impossible, Anthony Melchiorri is relentless when it comes to getting struggling hotels all over the world back on their feet and on the path to success. His no-nonsense approach may put some owners off, but his advice can transform even the most down-and-out properties. Yet it’s ultimately up to the hotel owners to implement and maintain his changes. In season four of Hotel Impossible, Melchiorri’s management skills, emotions and patience are put to the test once again. Melchiorri first evaluates each property and identifies its most significant problems. Armed with a design team to help with some much-needed renovations, Melchiorri makes critical changes that may include getting a stubborn owner with no business sense to listen or getting a lazy staff to step it up. Utilizing special experts, hidden cameras, gadgets and technology that test, evaluate and measure different aspects of the hotel, it won’t always be pretty and it will never be easy, but Melchiorri pushes these owners to get it right. For many, this is their last hope.

For the bold, daring and spontaneous; those adventurers who embrace the thrill of the unexpected; those risk-takers who aren’t afraid of a little mystery; if you’re up for anything, down for whatever, and above all, love great stories, journey on to Travel Channel. We’re more than you expect and everything you didn’t know you were looking for. Reaching more than 79 million U.S. cable homes, Travel Channel is the world’s leading travel media brand with shows including Ghost Adventures, Destination Fear, Dead Files, and Portals to Hell.

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Anthony Melchiorri inspects the Lancer Motel in Myrtle Beach | Hotel Impossible | Travel Channel

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