Hawaii Food: 16 Mouthwatering Hawaiian Dishes!

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Sure there are lots of beautiful beaches, volcanoes and green mountain in Hawaii, but nothing compares to Hawaiian food.

With a mixture of local and foreign cultures mingled together on the islands of Hawaii, there has been a food development that is one of the tastiest in the world. Local style Hawaii food is a mixture of flavors with many rooted in Asian cuisine.

Throughout this video I’ll give you an overview of the the top 16 Hawaii food dishes you should eat when you visit the islands of Hawaii. You can eat these dishes in Honolulu or even throughout the islands of Hawaii.

In case you want more information, I’ll go ahead and list all the foods right here so you can take a look.

1. SPAM – Yup, it’s one of the most popular things to eat in Hawaii, especially when it’s fried up and served with rice.

2. SPAM Musubi – Spam fried and added to a block of rice and wrapped in seaweed.

3. Portuguese Sausage – Following SPAM, Portuguese sausage is a really popular Hawaiian food for breakfast.

4. Teri Chicken Plate Lunch – The trio of teriyaki chicken, rice and macaroni salad makes a great lunch in Hawaii!

5. Mahi Mahi Plate – I also love to eat plate lunches made from fried mahi mahi fish.

6. Loco Moco – A huge container filled with rice, hamburger patties, eggs and brown gravy on top.

7. Barbecue Ribs – Hawaiian style pork ribs!

8. Chow Fun – Noodles in Chinese style but with an added touch of Hawaiian flavor!

9. Poke – One of my favorite Hawaiian dishes to eat is called Poke, raw cubes of marinated fish – normally ahi tuna.

10. Mussels Poke – Another favorite on the islands is similar to poke but made with mussels instead of fish.

11. Ocean Salad – Seaweed salad marinated in sesame oil.

12. Poi – The traditional staple in the islands is a pudding like paste made from taro root.

13. Laulau – Another Hawaiian staple is laulau made from taro leaves and pork.

14. Malasadas – Sweet Portuguese donuts, deep fried and dusted in sugar granules are absolutely fantastic!

15. Chocolate Haupia Pie – It’s one of the tastiest dessers the islands have to offer – sweet and coconut flavored.

16. Shave Ice – Of all the Hawaii local style food, barely anything is as famous or well loved than shave ice!

Enjoy eating these foods!

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