How to Eat Traditional Hawaiian Food in Honolulu (in HD)

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Even after eating lots of different cuisines, Hawaiian food still ranks as a favorite. Whenever I’m in Hawaii, I’m always happy to dine on luau style foods from the islands.

Here’s a quick rundown of the traditional dishes I eat during this video.

The first thing is called poi. Poi is Hawaii’s staple dish. It’s a thick starchy pudding paste like substance that’s slightly fermented so it’s a little sour. The paste goes great with lomi salmon or other vegetables.

Chicken long rice, though Chinese in origin, has become one of the popular Hawaiian foods. It’s basically just long glass noodles cooked in chicken soup and served with pieces of chicken in it.

Laulau is the next dish on the list. The popular dish can either be made with pork, chicken or sometimes fish and it’s wrapped in luau leaves. The leaves and meat cook together into a spectacular flavor.

Lomi lomi salmon is the combination of tomatoes, onions, and raw salmon. The luau dish is common and is really good when eaten alongside a bowl of poi.

Poke is the sushi of the islands. Though it can be made from a variety of fish, the most common is cubes of ahi tuna marinated in soy sauce and sea salt. The tender cubes of fresh fish are wonderful!

Fruit, like Hawaiian pineapple is always great for dessert!

Though traditional Hawaiian food has adapted to the many cultures in Hawaii (now including things like SPAM musubi and chicken katsu), there are still so many uniquely Hawaiian dishes origination from Polynesia.

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