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Fugetsu-Do Confectionery first opened in 1903. It is now considered the oldest shop in LA’s Little Tokyo, and the oldest Japanese-American business in the country. The family-owned bakery is famous for one thing above all: mochi. Making this Japanese confection has been a long tradition for the Kito family, one that started over a century ago, when original owner Seiichi Kito first immigrated to the U.S from Japan. The art of making mochi is no easy feat, according to current owner Brian Kito, who says it took him 10 years to learn how to master the process. Crystal Lee visited Fugetsu-Do’s original location in Los Angeles to see how they make their famous ‘rainbow dango’ (bite-sized pieces of rainbow mochi), and how this family business has survived 117 years.

Insider visited Fugetsu-Do Confectionery in February 2020. You can still order Fugetsu-Do mochi and more for pick-up, or you can order online. For more information, visit and

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LA’s Most Legendary Mochi Is Made In This 117-Year-Old Shop | Legendary Eats

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